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Contact us today to book your next eye appointment.


Highbury Huron Optometry aims to deliver high-quality vision care and eye examinations in London, Ontario. We commit to building a great long-term relationship with you and other patients so that you feel comfortable trusting your vision to us.

It is important for you to have regular eye examinations so our doctors can potentially catch eye problems before they become big issues and maintain your ocular health. Contact us today to book your next eye examination. We are always happy to see you.


Children don't always have the awareness or experience needed to recognize that they have a vision problem. Most of the time, they assume that everyone sees the way they do. All children need yearly eye examinations to determine if they have healthy eyes and vision. As the visual pathways develop rapidly in early childhood, uncorrected vision problems can lead to permanent vision loss. It is thus recommended that children have their first eye examination at three years of age, and even as young as six months if there is a family history of vision problems such as strabismus or amblyopia.

Young children do not have to know the alphabet or even speak to have their vision tested. Many tests use pictures or symbols familiar to preschoolers, and children can respond by naming, matching or pointing. Other tests are done objectively, so young children don't have to communicate to be evaluated.

Children are covered by OHIP for a complete eye examination every year until their 20th birthday.


An eye examination is more than just an eyechart – it is a complete and detailed examination of your visual ability, vision and eye health. It includes a thorough history taking, an assessment of your eye coordination, evaluation of eye structures, and measure of your spectacle prescription. It is recommended that adults have their eyes examined every two years to monitor the health of the eyes, even if they don't wear eyeglasses. Yearly eye examinations are recommended for patients with health problems affecting the eyes, such as diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, strabismus or amblyopia.

Eye examinations are covered by OHIP for those with these conditions.


Every effort will be made to see patients with ocular emergencies within a day. Please call if you experience a sudden loss of vision or a red or painful eye. Many eye infections can be treated in our office.


Non-contact tonometry to measure the pressure in the eye

Automated visual field testing, including for driver's license

Retinal photography and optical coherence tomography (OCT) for retinal examination and advanced glaucoma screening


Our doctors are fully trained in laser surgery co-management and are affiliated with TLC to provide both pre and post-op care for your surgery. Dr. Delany and Dr. Khamis have both had LASIK. Ask them what they think!


Dr. Curik is ALWAYS the one to sort out what is happening with my eyes when other eye doctors can't. He is amazing! Highly recommend.


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