Frequently-Asked Questions About Optometry

Our patients want to know about what we do and the processes that go into checking their eye health. We’ve tried to answer some of the common questions here. If you want further information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Q: At what age should I have my child’s eyes checked?

A: The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommend having a child’s first eye exam between 6-9 months of age. Even at this age we can shine a light in the back of the eye to check for any abnormalities in the back of the eye, check eye alignment and even be able to detect any major refractive error. Once this is complete the child can be seen yearly and will be covered by OHIP up until 19 years of age.

Q: Why do I sometimes have to get eye drops?

A: Eye drops that are used to dilate the eyes allow the eye doctors to get a better view into the back of your eye. How often this is done depends on age, health, signs and symptoms. The drops can cause some light sensitivity and blurriness especially up close for 2-3 hours. At Highbury Huron Optometry we also offer digital retinal imaging using the OPTOMAP that allows us to get a widefield image of the back of the eye and in some cases, can be performed without drops.

Q: Do I really need to have the “air puffing” thing done?

A: Though sometimes this can be unpleasant, non-contact tonometry (air puff) allows the pressure inside your eyes to be checked. High eye pressure can be a risk factor in developing glaucoma so it is important to have your eye pressures checked!

Q: My child is struggling at school, especially with reading. should I bring them in for an eye exam?

A: Yes! Sometimes when a child is struggling at school there can be a binocular vision problem or a hidden visual issue present. An eye exam can rule any of these out and if necessary a binocular vision assessment and vision therapy can be provided through the London Vision Development Centre (upstairs). We can also provide neuro-visual rehabilitation for patients who have suffered concussions!